Our programs EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN!    Science of Toys
Students are amazed to see a person 
IN A BUBBLE ! Bubble Science
Enjoy a FUN TIME with
blending music, ventriloquism and education.
We put smiles on faces! MATH + MAGIC = FUN!
Students are amazed as they learn all about
The Science of Bubbles!
Our programs that make your students 
want to LEARN !
Meet the 'Father of our Great Country'. Students are delighted to hear about colonial America  from
 George Washington himself.
'STARLAB' brings the stars to your location!
DYNAMIC  -  a leader in the field of school assembly programs!
Carol Johnson's 'Music with a Message' delivers positive concepts with joyful music & song.
The children watch in awe as Skippy and Dave interact!
Celebrate Cultural Diversity with Music of Africa!
A baby porqupine cuddles in our presenter's hand.
The Adventures of WANDA and WENDALL
Puppet shows featuring The Acting Out Touring Company
Eddie and the Edsels


School Assemblies

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