Our programs EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN!    Science of Toys
Students are amazed to see a person 
IN A BUBBLE ! Bubble Science
Enjoy a FUN TIME with
blending music, ventriloquism and education.
We put smiles on faces! MATH + MAGIC = FUN!
Students are amazed as they learn all about
The Science of Bubbles!
Our programs that make your students 
want to LEARN !
Meet the 'Father of our Great Country'. Students are delighted to hear about colonial America  from
 George Washington himself.
'STARLAB' brings the stars to your location!
DYNAMIC  -  a leader in the field of school assembly programs!
Carol Johnson's 'Music with a Message' delivers positive concepts with joyful music & song.
The children watch in awe as Skippy and Dave interact!
Celebrate Cultural Diversity with Music of Africa!
A baby porqupine cuddles in our presenter's hand.
The Adventures of WANDA and WENDALL
Discover the magic of reading with DynaMike!
Puppet shows featuring The Acting Out Touring Company
Eddie and the Edsels


School Assemblies

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