Take an exciting look at animals from all around our world in this live animal presentation. Topics covered include habitats, senses, physical differences, defenses, myth, truths, and instincts. Animals presented will represent a variety of continents and vertebrae groups.

Programs are also available with a specific focus:

To schedule any of these great live animal programs, or for more information please call toll-free: 800-254-7474.
These programs, although fun and entertaining, are educational in nature and should be seen as such. For best results students should be grouped with grades close in age. Although these programs can be presented to audiences of any size, they are most effective in smaller groups.
Fascinating! Your students will have a great day of learning while enjoying live Animals Around the World!
All animals are cared for, handled and presented humanely, with respect for their needs first. Very safe and very fun!.

NEW! 'Hiding in Plain Sight' How animals use camouflage to survive, feed, and find shelter in their natural environment.

NEW! 'Insects and Arachnids' All about the little creatures that creep, crawl, fly, spin webs, and live all around us.

NEW! 'Woodlands and Wetlands' Exploring the animals that live around the water, under the leaves, and beyond the trees in the forest.


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Animals Around the World

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