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Music of Africa

Phone: 248-682-6115

Email: dynamicwest@sbcglobal.net

An amazing program that will send the audience on an adventure riding a colorful cloud of musical celebration! This full-time four member band offers a unifying experience of singing, drumming, dancing, interaction and excitement as offered by African and American contrubutions to the music world. Several program formats are available, all culturally enriching: African Drums, Music of Africa, Jazz Around the World, Caribbean Steel Drums, Jamaican Fun Time, and Hawaiian Musical Cruise.
The members of this professional group offer educational, musical and interactive presentations that feel like a celebration. Their band was formed in 1988 and they have given performances throughout the United States, the Islands and overseas.
These unique programs are welcomed with enthusiasm and are suitable for schools, libraries, events or festivals; all age levels and audiences. To schedule any of these fine programs, please call toll-free: 248-682-6115.
This program will be remembered long after it is over! Call Today!.

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