STARLAB: Explore the wonders of the night skies from the comfort and security of your school! Here are the descriptions of these fascinating and timely programs.

Skylook 101: (Gr. K-1) Using our 'Dipper-finder' and day/night sheets, young children are introduced to the sky in a fun and memorable way.

Seasons of the Year: (Gr. K-2) Follow the sun and moon as they take different paths across the sky; and travel on Spaceship Earth as it journeys around its closest star. Includes a hands-on representation of what each season feels like..

Skies of Ancient Egypt: 4500 years ago, the night sky had all the same stars as we see today, but was viewed by the ancients very differently. Why? Because their basic beliefs were very different! Travel back to ancient Egypt with us and observe what those people in a far-away and mysterious land saw in the heavens. Learn how the ancient pharaohs (who ruled as 'gods') held the people's destiny in their hands and why the sky held so much power for them as well as their future!

African Skies:  (Grades K-8) Experience the mysteries and feel the awe as you gaze at ancient African/Egyptian constellations in the safety and comfort of our portable planetarium! This live and fully interactive program features stories and facts about ancient African/Egyptian beliefs. Discover folktales and legends of Botswana, Mali, Kenya and Tanzania as seen in the stars. Our portable, inflatable, mylar starlab dome sets up easily in your location, bringing a star-filled planetarium to your site. More convenient and less costly than a field trip, these programs are suitable for every age group and pleasing to all. We feature Q & A time and all programs promote faculty and student interaction. This is a quality educational program that is fully entertaining as well. Bring the unforgettable Starlab Planetarium to your school, library, or event today!

The Moon's in Great Shape(Gr. 3-6) Our familiar nearest neighbor has some fascinating landscapes. We'll explore the craters, mountains , and ridges that give the moon its wonderful features. Learn why the moon looks different during the month as the lunar phases are viewed. Includes lunar legends and myths, as well as the truth about the moon from data returned by the Apollo missions. Also, tour other moons in our solar system.

 Native American Skies: (Gr. 3-8) Featuring the constellations of Native Americans. Legends and stories from the Ojibwa, Hopi, Navajo, and other tribes highlight this program. Also featured is the story of 'Fisher' and how he went to the sky. Kids will learn to find 'Fisher' with their own 'Fisher-finder'.

Make Tracks It's a Hurricane!: (Gr. 4-8) The recent past had seen some of the worst hurricanes in history. Using our planetarium's weather cylinder, students will track the path of 3 different hurricanes of the past by using glow-in-the-dark accessories. Kids will reinforce their knowledge of latitude and longitude, geography, ocean currents, and weather patterns. Includes the video: 'Hurricanes' (used with permission from The Weather Channel).

The Planets: (Gr. 2-12) Customized to each age level. What's that bright star in the sky? Chances are, that it's not a star, but one of the other 8 planets in our solar system. We examine tonight's sky to find which planets are visible: and discuss astronomers who discovered planets. We explore planet names and myths, and show where to find the planets in the sky. Includes slide presentation of the solar system. 

Men, Myths & Monsters of the Skies: (Gr. 3-12) Traditional Greek and Roman stories about the sky, constellations and stars. Includes the legends of 'Perseus and Andromeda', 'The Summer Triangle',' The Milky Way', 'Hercules', 'The Winter Hexagon', 'The Myth of Orion', and much, much more.
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Bring the unforgettable STARLAB PLANETARIUM to your school, library, or event today!

Camping Under the Stars:
Parents and kids sharing the night skies together.

Taking time out as a family to look up at the clear night sky 
has always had an appeal to young people and adults alike.
Imagine, no cell phones, no pads, or digital devices, 
but just you and your kids or grand kids discovering 
the real objects of delight above in the night sky.

Relax as we take you on a heavenly 
exploration of the night skies with your family. 
You’ll witness the seasonal procession of the constellations, 
the major stars and objects you can find in each season.

You’ll discover the importance of sharing the stars with your kids 
and grand kids, and go on a journey with the StarDog in the story of
 the “Queen, the Island, and the Seal” as he gives account of the 
importance of sharing the skies with your kids.

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