Adventure Begins at Your Library
Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to coordinate with the reading theme. Appropriate and suitable for libraries, early learning centers, day care centers, and summer camps, these great presentations appeal to all ages and audiences!

Reading Rocks!
"Just take those old records off the shelf." This rockin' program is a hip hop musical event and a look back at history. Fast paced and energetic, it combines the music of the early rock & roll era with history, comedy, dance, and audience participation. Your patrons will love this live interactive rock & roll show at your library as your presenter takes them on a high energy trip back through time. While enjoying the classic music that helped shape a generation, they will learn about life in the 50s and early 60s. "Reading Rocks" is a wonderful way to promote books, libraries, and the joy of reading.

Reading Can Take You to the Stars
Starlab Planetarium
Explore the night skies from the comfort and security of your location in our portable, inflatable dome! A  fascinating and timely topic suitable for all ages. Our Starlab mylar dome sets up easily at your site, and brings a star-filled planetarium experience! This is a quality, educational program that is fully entertaining, and will hold the interest of any audience! Schedule the unforgettable ‘Starlab Planetarium’ today!

Wild About Books
Live Animals
​A fun, interactive program about book and the importance of reading. This amazing show features a variety of animals from different countries and diverse ecosystems. This is an up-close, hands-on, and safe event. Live animal programs typically draw the largest crowds of the summer.

Reading is Magic
Magic Show
Through comedy, magic, and audience participation, our professional magician demonstrates that reading is fun and interesting. With unique insight into the minds of today's children, this program shows how reading is entertaining and informative. With extensive experience performing in schools and libraries across the country, our magician makes the audience understand the true importance of reading and books.

​Super Readers
Art Demonstration
A most unique library presentation by author and Marvel comic illustrator Jerry DeCaire. Comic art has long been used to bring fantasy to life. Super heroes, elves, sorcerers, dragons, wizards, and more are expertly drawn. As quickly as the eye can follow, art and fantasy are created in this fascinating, live drawing performance. Marvel Comics characters illustrated by Jerry include, but aren't limited to, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Conan, Punisher, Iron Man, Nick Fury, The Phantom, and others!

Reading Circus
Circus Skills
Your audience will love this blend of circus-related antics and comedy. This program captures the magic of the cicus, while emphasizing the importance of reading. Reading Circus is a traveling exhibition of performing skills in comedy, juggling, stilt walking, and unicycle riding. Libraries, books, and the importance of reading are featured to motivate children to read.

Caribbean Steel Drums
Come to the islands! Caribbean Steel Drums is an amazing program that will send your audience on an adventure through the islands on a colorful cloud of musical celebration. This interactive concert is a unifying experience of singing, drumming, dancing, and excitement as offered by African and Caribbean contributions to the world of music. Educational, musical, and interactive, this unique program is welcomed with enthusiasm and is suitable for schools, libraries, events, or festivals for all age levels and audiences.

Bubble Science
Science Demonstration
​Kids love bubbles! In this fun program, they learn all about the science of bubbles. Why are they round? Why are they iridescent? Fast-paced and interactive, "Bubble Science" will entertain and educate patrons of all ages. Bubbles are amazing! This is a magical way to help development and enjoy the summer!

During summer, content and dialog are modified to focus on libraries and the importance of reading!
Appropriate and enojyable for all ages and audiences! Call today! 248-682-6115

Many other wonderful programs are available: Science, Music, Bunnies, Magic, Puppets, Multi-Cultural, Dance, Art, Live Animals, Astronomy, Storytelling, History, Fitness & Exercise, Environment, Motown, Fairy Tales, and much more!
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PIDL Summer Reading Program 2019: Math & Marvels with Jerry DeCaire (7/26/19)