Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to coordinate with the "All Together Now" theme, promoting friendship, kindness, and togetherness! Appropriate and suitable for libraries, early learning centers, day care centers, and summer camps, these great presentations appeal to all ages and audiences!

Starlab / Our Amazing Universe
planetarium program

Explore the night skies from the comfort and security of your location in our portable, inflatable dome! A  fascinating and timely topic suitable for all ages. Our Starlab mylar dome sets up easily at your site, and brings a star-filled planetarium experience! This is a quality, educational program that is fully entertaining, and will hold the interest of any audience! Schedule the unforgettable ‘Starlab Planetarium’ today!

Be Kind to Our Planet / Go Green
live animals

​A fun, interactive program about pollution and its impact on wildlife around the world. We can all be kind to our planet every day by reducing waste, conserving water and doing our part to ‘go green’. The importance of protecting our ecosystems is also explained in this fascinating program which features a variety of live animals. Live animal programs typically draw the largest crowds of the summer.

We Are The World

In a world full of differences and diversity, people need a reason to come together. We need to unite against the challenges people face in their everyday life. Whether at concerts or social events, music can help us to connect, cooperate and care for each other. Songs about unity and togetherness are an excellent way to teach us to become better people and to be kinder to others. This live and interactive concert features a variety of Rock, Folk, and Pop songs to promote peace, kindness, friendship and unity.

Caribbean Steel Drums
interactive concert

Come sail away with us, across the clear, blue waters of the Caribbean to exotic islands and sandy beaches. Caribbean music is as rich and diverse as the culture from which it came. Rumba, Salsa, Reggae, and Calypso are just a few examples. Caribbean Steel Drums will send your audience on an adventure through the islands on a colorful cloud of musical celebration. This interactive concert is a unifying experience of singing, drumming, dancing, and excitement that promotes peace and understanding as offered by musical African and American contributions to the world in celebration.

Dance For Kindness
modern dance and music

A modern Dance / Flow Arts program that combines music, dance and audience participation. Kindness is linked to happiness. It reduces stress and builds self-esteem. Kindness is caring about others and doing things to help make lives better. ‘Dance for Kindness’ is a fun, high energy musical celebration promoting Kindness, Friendship and Unity. Suitable for all ages.

Magic Anti Bully
magic with an important message

This program artfully illustrates current concepts about bullies, bullying behavior and bully avoidance. Through the use of magic and illusions we define bullying behavior and, most importantly, ways to keep yourself safe. 
Magic Anti Bully is an enjoyable program that stresses treating others with kindness and respect. 
Magically presented by our experienced professionals!

Comic Art Fantasy
live drawing demonstration

The Justice League is a team of super heroes who team up to tackle especially formidable villians. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and others fight “All Together” for the benefit of mankind. This unique library program is presented by Marvel Comics illustrator Jerry DeCaire. As quickly as the eye can follow, art and fantasy are created inthis fascinating, live drawing performance. Marvel Comics characters illustrated by Jerry include, but aren't limited to, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Conan, Punisher, Iron Man, Nick Fury, The Phantom, and others!

Drum Circle
live musical performance

A Community Drum Circle is an interactive musical experience for participants of all ages, backgrounds, and musical abilities. Community Drum Circles are an ancient form of empowerment, celebration, and connection from cultures world wide. From Asia and Africa, around the globe to Native America, drumming is a universally unifying event.

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PIDL Summer Reading Program 2019: Math & Marvels with Jerry DeCaire (7/26/19)