Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Mythology, and Magic

Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to coordinate with the Michigan Libraries' summer 2020 themes. Appropriate and suitable for libraries, early learning centers, day-care facilities and summer camps, these great presentations appeal to all ages and audiences!

Starlab Planetarium
Explore the wonders of the night sky from the comfort and security of your library. A fascinating and timely program suitable for all age groups. Our portable, inflatable Starlab mylar silver dome sets up easily in your library or gymnasium and brings a star filled planetarium to your site. Featured programs:

Men, Myths, and Monsters of the Skies: Traditional Greek and Roman stories about the sky, constellations, and stars.

African Skies: Experience the mysteries and feel the awe as you gaze at ancient African/Egyptian constellations. 

Native American Skies: Featuring the constellations seen by Native Americans, legends and stories from the Ojibwa, Hopi, and Navajo Tribes.

Wanda and Wendall's Fairy Tales
For thousands of years, children everywhere have been entertained and captivated by puppets. Puppets help to bring stories to life for an enriching, yet fun, learning experience. Puppets are also valuable tools for promoting listening skills and vocabulary development. This is a delightful Fairy Tale themed pupped program featuring Wanda the Wacky Witch and Wendall, her pet dragon. Warm and funny, this show is loved by all.

Fairy Tale Animals
Talking animals are a common theme in mythology, folktales, and children's literature. Fictional talking animals often are anthropomorphic, possessing human-like qualities. The usage of animals that speak enables storytellers to combine the basic characteristics of the animal with a human's behavior, to apply metaphor and to entertain children. This program will feature a variety of live mammals, reptiles, and birds to provide a fascinating and unforgettable show. Our live animals presentations typically draw the largest crowds of the summer for the library summer reading programs.

Daisy the Unicorn
​Interactive and fun, this puppet show features Daisy the Unicorn, a mystical creature who is cute, colorful, and totally captivating. Unicorns are the most magical of the fantasy animals. The unicorn has always captured the hearts and imagination of humans. The ancient Babylonians and Persians gave the unicorn the symbolism and meaning of mysticism, magic, health, and purity. This magical mix of music, juggling, ventriloquism, and fun will enthrall and delight your audience.

Rockin' Fairy Tales
Little Red Riding Hood, Disney Pixar, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch all have strong musical scores! Music is always a popular and appropriate addition to your summer line-up. This Fairy Tale themed Rock and Roll show is a hit with all ages. Let's sing and dance, clap and rock in this interactive and energizing concert. All music and vocals are performed live, this show is suitable for all ages.

Caribbean Steel Drums
Is your favorite fantasy a Caribbean adventure? So let the music sweep you away to a quaint little tropical island! Imagine a white sand beach surrounded by the warm turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea! Caribbean Steel Drums is a unifying experience of singing, dancing, drumming, interaction, and excitement as offered by the African and Caribbean contributions to the world of music. This educational and unique program will be welcomed with enthusiasm from all ages and audiences!

Comic Art Fantasy
A most unique library presentation by Marvel Comic illustrator Jerry DeCaire. Comic art has long been used to bring fantasy to life. Super heroes, orcs, elves, sorcerers, dragons, wizards, and more. As quickly as the eye can follow, art and fantasy are created in this fascinating live drawing performance. Marvel characters illustrated by Jerry include Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Conan, Punisher, Iron Man, Nick Fury, the Phantom, and more.

Watch a cool video about Jerry's show at a library below!
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