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Jungle Jim

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WHEN LIVE ANIMALS AREN'T APPROPRIATE, INVITE Jungle Jim! And his Animal Puppets for a fun-filled educational show!

Jungle Jim presents a variety of jungle animals which may include an Elephant, Gorilla, Turtle, Orangatan, Tiger, Alligator or Raccoon. All are large, detailed realistic likenesses of the real thing; just without the mess, smell, or danger.

Jungle Jim is attired in safari vest and pith helmet. His presentation includes information about each animal’s habitat, country, how they reproduce, diet and other characteristics unique to that particular animal.

As a fun feature, some of Jungle Jim’s animal puppets talk. Alli the alligator tells knock-knock jokes. Shellie the turtle is shy and doesn’t want to come out of her shell. Rocky the Raccoon is hiding in his cage during the show and seemingly has disappeared. But Rocky magically appears in his cage and comes to life in the hands of Jungle Jim. Rocky is so lively and life-like, the children often ask, after he’s been put back in his cage, if he’s real.

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