Amelia Earhart was a record-breaking aviation pioneer who made the first solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean and many other firsts in aviation.  She attempted the first round-the-world flight via the equator, but her plane mysteriously disappeared, never to be found. Her courage is legendary and her fate is still the subject of mystery and speculation.  
Clara Barton was called "The Angel of the Battlefield" because of her unflinching care for the wounded and her determination in gathering ID records for the missing and the dead. Also known as the the founder of the American Red Cross, she organized the group in 1881.  Our veteran actress transforms herself into these phenomenal women: dressed in period costume, presentation is given in the first person. Your students will listen in fascination as each woman tells her story of courage and determination to overcome obstacles and challenges to follow her dreams. 

Dolley Madison: While her social graces made her famous, it was her bravery and dignity during the British invasion of Washington D.C. that make her a heroine of the War of 1812. While the city was in a state of chaos, Dolley risked her life to save important documents, valuables and the famous portrait of George Washington. A unique perspective of the colonial era by one of the best known and best loved ladies of the White House.
Saint Elizabeth Bayley Seton: She was the founder of The American Sisters of Charity, and the very first American-born saint. She established a new religious order focused on education: The Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph. Saint Elizabeth Bayley Seton laid the foundation for the parochial school system in America.

Our presenter is veteran actress Carol Starre-Kmiecik, who has been performing on stage for over 25 years. She holds degrees in Speech and Theater Arts. She has appeared in over 60 media events, including plays, film, TV programs, and commercials.
Dynamic West School Assemblies proudly presents these programs that should not be missed by your students. These one-woman shows use original scripts, including many of the actual words spoken by these famous women. The performances are educational, entertaining, humorous, and sometimes sad; all the while telling the life stories of courageous women who made significant contributions to our country..

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