Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to enrich your Vacation Bible School curriculum. These great presentation appeal to all ages and audiences!

The 4th Day / Starlab Planetarium
On the fourth day, GOD created the sun, moon, stars, and the other heavenly bodies (Genesis 1:14-19). The number of things GOD created on the 4th day is staggering. Scientists currently estimate that there are two trillion galaxies in the universe, with about 100 million stars in each galaxy. Explore the wonders of the night sky from the comfort and security of your building. Our portable, inflatable Starlab mylar silver dome sets up easily and brings a star-filled planetarium to your site.

Noah's Ark / Live Animals
There went two and two unto Noah in the ark, the male and the female, as GOD had commanded Noah (Genesis 7:9). Noah's Ark features a variety of live mammals, reptiles, and birds, to provide a fascinating and unforgettable program.

Hula Hoop Dance Party / Fitness
Summer camp is about learning valuable life lessons and life skills. Fitness is an essential part of spiritual and physical health. "Your body is the Temple!" This entertaining and interactive modern dance program is lots of fun with a positive message about being fit.

Wanda and Wendall Puppets
Heartwarming and humorous, yet carrying an important message, Wanda and Wendall is a charming puppet program designed for younger students. Kindness and respect for others are stressed in this delightful show.

Bible Camp Rocks! / Live Concert
This fun and interactive Christian-themed concert is a popular Bible Camp event. All music and vocals are performed live by our talented, veteran musicians who specialize in entertainment for children.

Motion Picture Bible / Art
This unique camp program is presented by Marvel Comic illustrator Jerry DeCaire. Jerry's latest work is illustrating a coffee table style book of bible illustrations with a motion picture theme. As quickly as the eye can follow, dramatic art images are created in this fascinating live drawing performance. Marvel characters illustrated by Jerry include, but are not limited to: Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Conan, Punisher, Iron Man, Nick Fury, the Phantom, and more. Super fun and amazing to see!
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