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Artist for Marvel Comics' Thor, DeadPool, X-Men, Iron Man, Wolverine, and many other enormously popular superheroes, shows students how math and science merge to create a superhero! Say hello to your school presenter, Jerry DeCaire, and the Science of the Superhero!

Presentations are available for students of all grade levels! The format and content of each show is tailored to the level of the student audience.

Science of the Superhero

In March we have "Math Man" by Marvel comic illustrator Jerry DeCaire.

Its a fascinating program which demonstrates a practical application of science and math (fractions,geometry, ratios, proportions, etc.)

Jerry shows how he uses his knowledge of science and math to create his Super Heroes.
An internationally renowned artist, Jerry is also a Michigan native so he loves sharing his art 
with Michigan students.

Gerald DeCaire has traveled all over the US and has presented to over half a million students since 2007! 

Just a few of the many popular books illustrated by your presenter, Gerald DeCaire.
The Live Drawing Performance makes this assembly as entertaining as it is educational!

Students connect the dots between math and art topics when they observe in real-time the sequential development of a superhero drawing using a mathematical approach. This is the part that mesmerizes and captivates students and leaves them talking even months after the presentation.

They're shocked to learn that ​GEOMETRY, RATIO, PROPORTIONS, FRACTIONS, ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS and ANATOMY can help me draw a comic book page! Many students walk away compelled to take a closer look at their core subjects after realizing just how 'cool' they can be! 

I also show how reading and writing are integral for the production of a comic book; not everyone will be an artist, but everyone must be able to read. It's the key to understanding all core subjects and transforming students into life-long learners!

ALL Ages!
Presentations are catered to students from Pre-K to 12th grade and even the adults who love it every bit as much as the kids do! The format and content of each show is always tailored to the level of the student audience. 

All shows focus on the following components:
   The Anticipatory Set: The Influence of Math on the Creation of a Superhero!

Opening up with a Power Point slide show, students will learn how geometric figures lay the foundation for a superhero and how a comic book is made from start to finish!
Drawing the Superhero Head: Demo Sketches given away, for FREE!
Students will learn how cubes and fractions can help me to draw head-shots of Thor, Batman, Wolverine, you name it! The demo is then given away to a select student as determined by an unbiased approach! 

Drawing the Full-Figured Superhero: Demo Sketches given away, for Free!
Students will then see the preliminary demonstration progress into a more complex, full-figure drawing using the same methods to yield more sophisticated results. This is pedagogical scaffolding at its best!

A Select Student Helps the Artist draw a Superhero!
Most Exciting of all, if the timing is right, I will invite to my table an aspiring young artist from the student body to help me complete a superhero drawing. Don't get nervous; it's designed for success. No one gets embarrassed!