Hoop Dancing
School Assemblies
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Email: dynamicwest@sbcglobal.net
We are happy to present an amazing, multi-talented, new performing artist! Natali presents, "Hoop Dancing".

This is a fascinating, interactive program designed to spread the joys of the hula hoop. A variety of topics featuring hula hoops and club juggling are available to delight and entertain audiences of all ages.

Music in Motion: A modern dance/flow dance program.

Let's Get Fit!: The health benefits of exercise, including physical fitness, exercise, coordination, balance, and flexibility. This is an entire body workout!

Hula Hoop Science: The physics of hula hoops, gravity, inertia, momentum, and more.

All programs are suitable for all ages and are done with props and in costume. What will Natali be today? A ninja, an elf, mermaid, a renaissance character, a circus performer? Find out in this delightful program that features lots of music, dance, and audience participation!

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