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Dynamic West Assemblies presents a exceptional storyteller with a wide range of narrative talents and contagious enthusiasm. Visit wonderful places and times, all within the safety of your location. With an array of programs to suit any audience, Dynamic proudly features the following:

MICHIGAN FOLKTALES: Focusing on Michigan only, this collection of stories and folktales will entrance and inform the audience. Topics include: Native American legends and folktales, Paul Bunyan and lumberjack tales, Stories and folktales from the Upper Peninsula, tales of the early French voyagers and fur traders, as well as lighthouse tales and legends. Perfect if your theme is 'Great Lakes', or 'Michigan'.
AMERICAN FOLKTALES: Davey Crockett, Mike Fink, Pecos Bill and other famous and well-loved figures are covered in these very American tales. Other popular themes for this program (with advance notice) are: Wild Wild West, Railroads and Trains, the Expansion Westward, the Great Gold Rush, Colonial America, Native America, Ghost Towns and Haunted Houses.
FOLKTALES AROUND THE WORLD: Our presenter is your passport as she takes you to places in the world where you can learn about other people and cultures. Learn how people the world over are the same while they are different! Many tales are available including stories from Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and the British Isles. Suitable for all.
WOMEN IN MICHIGAN HISTORY: The focus is on an original set of stories about events in Michigan history as seen through a woman's eyes and told from a woman's point of view. Momentous historical events are covered including the settling of Detroit, growth of education, the Civil War, the settling of Northern Michigan, WWII, and many others. This program is educational as well as informative and is best suited to middle school students.

To schedule any of these fine programs, please call toll-free: 800-254-7474

Stories chosen are based on audience age and content; program can be tailored to a specific theme with advance notice. Our educated, professional presenter, Jean Bolley, has worked in libraries for over 30 years, most of the time in children's services. She holds charter memberships in several storytelling networks and has been telling stories for over 19 years.