The MAGIC ANTI BULLY program artfully illustrates current concepts about bullies, bully behavior, and bully avoidance. Through the use of magic and illusions, the program first defines "bullying", and then expands on different types of bullies and bullying behavior. Do and Don't do examples are explained for people who find themselves in bully situations. Safety is stressed as practical solutions are explored, for example: telling an adult, staying in a group, walking away, and, most importantly, keeping yourself safe.
Another crucial concept presented is What Not To Do, for example: blaming yourself, bully back, keeping it secret, skipping school or activities, or hurting yourself.
Other topics covered are: cyber-bullying, correct action when witnessing bullying, and consequences of bullying for the bully. This program is action-packed and fun; these informative concepts are artfully blended with entertainment, thus holding the students' attention as student participation is incorporated into the program. The prevailing message is to strive to be the best that we can be while avoiding bully behaviors on every level.
This presentation is given in an age-appropriate manner. MAGIC ANTI BULLY is an enjoyable program that will inform your students how to identify bullying, and avoid it, or react to it in safe ways. Magically presented by our experienced professionals. This program is a must for schools! To schedule, please call toll-free: 800-254-7474 Please schedule early!.


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