Join "The Captain" as he takes you and your students on a journey through time and space from the heart of the sun, through the solar system and the edges of the galaxy, to the furthest boundaries of the universe! Beginning at the first days of the age of rocketry, students will learn how rockets were developed, as well as, what kind of power is required for lift off, to escape the gravity field of earth. The students will see many examples of satellites, and rockets, such as the Saturn 5, which carried our men to the moon. We also see space vehicles of the past and present, that have been launched into space; including Sputnik, Voyager, and the Hubbell telescope. Continue your journey through outer space to learn about planets, pulsars, stars, moons, meteors, quasars, galaxies, clouds in space, black holes, comets, asteroids, planetoids, and more!
Program content includes: the Scientific Method and the Scientific Revolution. From Galileo's observation of our universe in the 1600s to today's modern space program.
What are planets made of?
How hot are stars?
How cold is space?
What's a super nova?
How fast is light?
These questions and more will be explored and answered in this educational and entertaining, 45-minute program by our professional presenter. To schedule this informational, yet fun, presentation, please call toll-free: 800-254-7474..


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