Build a Better World 2017
Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to coordinate with the Michigan Libraries' summer 2017 theme: BUILD A BETTER WORLD. Appropriate and suitable for libraries, day care facilities, and summer camps, these great presentations appeal to all ages and audiences!

Animals and Our Environment
Live Exotic Animals
We can build a better world by working together to minimize pollution and its impact on wildlife around the world. Live mammals, reptiles, and amphibians from different countries and diverse ecosystems will be featured in this exciting program.

Made in Michigan
Live Farm Animals

This unique presentation explores the vital link between Michigan agriculture and building a better world. Recycling, composting, and organic farming are covered in this fascinating hands-on program featuring live goats, chickens, doves, geese, and more!

The Adventures of Wanda and Wendall
Wendall the Dragon wants to build a better world and tries many silly ideas that don't work. Wanda the Wacky Witch helps him to understand that we all can help build a better world just by being ourselves and being kind and helpful to others. This fun, heartwarming, interactive puppet show is most suitable for PK-Grade 2 audiences.

Starlab Planetarium/Our Amazing Universe
Portable Planetarium
Mankind's exploration of space has provided many benefits to society and added to our quality of life. Solar panels, computer innovations, water purification systems, global positioning systems, advancements in health care, engineering, and robotics are just the beginning. As our knowledge of space grows, we are able to build a better world here on earth. Explore the universe in our portable inflatable Starlab planetarium from the comfort and security of your library or facility.

Shake, Rattle and Roll
Building a better world involves more than just brick and mortar. Shake Rattle and Roll explores the many health benefits of music. Music can bring joy, ease pain, reduce stress, elevate mood, and reduce anxiety. The average child spends 28-72 hours a week watching TV, movies, and playing a game console. So put down the remote control, get off the couch, get moving, and get fit. Let's dance, clap, twist, and rock in this fun, interactive, energizing show. All music and vocals are performed live in this entertaining rock and roll show!

Mind Your Manners
This fun filled magic show encourages students to realize that REAL magic is found inside each and every one of us. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about those around us. Feeling good about ourselves comes from self respect, self esteem, and self confidence. Blending humor and audience interaction, we use magic to captivate the audience and provide information about treating others nice and feeling better about ourselves.
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