Wellness, Fitness & Sports
Dynamic School Assemblies proudly presents an array of programs specifically designed to coordinate with the Michigan Libraries' summer 2016 theme: Wellness, Fitness, Sports! Appropriate and suitable for libraries, day care facilities, and summer camps, these great presentations appeal to all ages and audiences!

Planetarium Program
What do astronauts eat? How do they exercise in zero gravity and stay fit? As we explore our solar system, we learn about the effects of space on the human body. Good health and fitness are important everywhere in our universe, but most importantly on planet Earth, because that's where we live! Students explore our solar system in our portable, inflatable dome in this exciting program.

Wanda and Wendell
Puppet Program
Wendell the Dragon wants to train for the Olympics and has many silly ideas about training that don't work. Wanda the Wacky Witch helps him to understand that proper nutrition and exercise are important for everyone, not just athletes. This funny and heart-warming show is most suitable for PK-GR3 audiences.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Interactive Concert
Put down the TV remote and controller, get off the couch, get moving and get fit! Let's dance, clap, twist, and rock in this fun, interactive, energizing show. The average child spends 28-72 hours a week in front of a TV, watching videos, movies, and playing a game console. All music and vocals are performed live in this entertaining Rock and Roll show. For all ages!

Animals Around the World
Live Exotic Animals
Monkeys don't do push ups, dogs don't brush their teeth, and pandas don't do pilates. Unlike humans, animals don't consume meals loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. They don't consume processed foods or sugary drinks or GMOs. We can learn lots from animal behavior in this interactive adventure which features live mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Sport Science
Fun, Fitness, & Science
The combination of Athletics and Physical Science makes Sport Science a most unique assembly program. This 45 minute interactive program is full of audience participation as students discover the science and physics of sports. How far can a baseball travel? Do frisbees really fly? What keeps a football from wobbling? Including the answers to these questions and more, with emphasis on health and fitness.

Made in Michigan
Live Farm Animals
Organic doesn't only mean that small section of produce at the market. It means everything about a healthy lifestyle, beginning with a healthy diet of natural foods. This unforgettable presentation features live goats, chickens, geese, and more. Topics and themes of  discussion include: Michigan agriculture, the link between natural, non-processed foods and a healthy life, sustainable farming, composting and recycling.
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